Getting “back to the basics of brand”

We listen to discover the true purpose of what makes your company unique and help you get back to the basics of your brand.

Welcome to 1926 Studio…Our creative branding and marketing studio’s mission is to bridge gaps of opportunities for your company: gaps between your brand and the buzz on the street; gaps between what you know works and your actual time spent; and gaps between your marketing dollars and real results. We achieve this process by helping businesses go “Back to the Basics of Brand.” Quite often, the answers to the biggest business questions are right in front of us the whole time. Therefore, before we move into the creative process, we start every engagement by asking our clients, “How would you market your business in 1926?” This question is often followed by a long pause…. and then a sigh of relief.

The original passion of the business begins to resurface and then the true brand essence becomes clearer. Only after that point, when clarification is achieved, will we move to creative. This process not only saves customers time, money, and heartache, but it brings them “back to the basics” as well.

This back to basics approach keeps all of your efforts pulling in the same direction, thereby creating efficiency for you and stronger brand credibility in your prospect’s mind.