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Get Back to the basics of brand.

Like anything built to last, your brand requires a solid foundation. We believe that to build a solid brand we must establish what makes your company unique by getting “Back to the basics” of a company’s true purpose and vision. To get there, our strategic and creative team unites the energy and focus of your stakeholders together to translate high level concepts into concrete, meaningful words and images that resonate a true brand experience.

{Handcrafted Branding Services}

Brand Identity by definition is the visible elements of a brand such as colors, design, logotype, name, symbol that together identify and distinguish the brand in the consumers’ mind. Your brand identity is more than just a fancy logo it is your badge of honor and your first impression to the world. How your remembered is usually started by your first impression. 

Brand Naming, when done right, should create a lasting first impression and an emotion that wont leave you being called “so-in-so” or “that guy” . Sometimes the wrong name can greatly hinder marketing efforts. If you find that your company, product or service has a name that doesn’t live up to its expectations, we have the expertise to develop a new name that supports your core identity and brand. At 1926 Studio you’ll find that our creative brand naming is an in-house craft that many other brand firms typically outsource to John Doe.

Brand Strategy is the process of identifying your brand’s most compelling unique attributes and combining them into a unique promise. A strong brand stands out from its category. It’s relevant to those who come into contact with it. And it’s believable, because it’s built on credibility and a compelling truth.



Research twice, Design once.

Design is at the heart of everything we do at 1926 Studio. If there’s one thing our customers have come to rely on us for, it’s our consistently outstanding creative design. We’re sometimes surprised—and always flattered—when we hear that our “back to basics” approach is so different than other “design firms” (large and small). Having begun as a traditional brand design shop, we strive bring the disciplines of sound marketing and design principles to every medium we work in. Top get a visual of some of our work feel free to check out our portfolio. If you are ready to start a creative project today contact us anytime.

{Creative Services}

The Traditional Marketing Tool. From brochures and presentation systems to catalogs and direct mail, your printed marketing materials are a personal extension of your company or product your customer can feel. 1926 Studio creates printed collateral that connects with your audience while leveraging and strengthening your brand with a personal touch.

Opportunity is Clicking and 1926 Studio can help build a professional branded web presence that is worth clicking on. We combine form and function to create websites that not only look great, but also guide the user down the path of conversion. There is a pretty good chance you could be doing more, and doing it better, when it comes to online communications. And we can help. Odds are that we can introduce you to some new ways of getting more from your online investment.

Clarifying Your Message. Professional copywriting can help translate your brand personality into living language that ensures all your collateral is consistent in content and voice. 1926 Studio offers professional copywriting services that drive your print and online marketing efforts by compelling the reader or listener to learn more and take action.

A picture is worth a thousand words and professional photography makes all the difference. It has the power to make supermodels out of products, tell a complete story in a single snapshot and most importantly, sell your product.



Send out to market.

If you don’t know where you’re going, you may end up there. Many small businesses are guided by a reactive, survival instinct rather than a well thought marketing and branding plan. 1926 Studio offers a simple, structured approach to evaluating your market environment, revealing lucrative opportunities and mapping out an effective strategic path.

Our brand-driven approach enables us to implement your brand with a focus on quality and consistency across all marketing collateral and business touch points.

We do this for our clients by first asking ourselves, “What’s the big idea?” Then, we develop a strategic marketing plan that uniquely positions you from your competitors. Our creative team works close with strategic planners and our interactive team to deliver the right messages to your audience.

{Marketing Services}

Email Marketing done right, relies on experience and expertise to execute email campaigns that drive results. An email campaign that comes up short – in terms of design, distribution and message – drives away potential business and relegates future messages to the spam folder. At 1926 Studio we aim to help you make money with email rather than lose it.

To get social you have to be social. Our overall goal is to make sure your social media dollars are well spent. Since the social media possibilities are endless, we work with you to shape an engagement strategy that is sensible, implementable and sustainable. We help you establish metrics, enabling you to understand how well your social media activities are performing.

Get found the right way. Unless a business is visible on Google and other major search engines, its days could be numbered. Clients with lead generation and e-commerce websites rely on us to improve rankings for relevant search terms in order to boost traffic and capture a greater share of Internet leads.

Paid search is still the fastest way to generate sales and leads today. Much like the stock market your bidding must be monitored at all times. We help strategize and manage  your budget to get the most cost effective results. Our programs are scalable and we can integrate your PPC program with search engine optimization (SEO) , custom conversion pages and email campaigns.