Brand Plan Checklist

If your branding efforts are off-track, don’t take it too hard. You’re a busy person trying to run a business. So let’s get you back on course with this branding checklist.

{Ask yourself these 9 questions.}

1. I can define my mission when asked: Why do I exist?

This is your purpose and it’s not based on your product or service. It’s determined by the value you bring to the customer/business relationship. Why do you exist?

2. I have a clearly defined promise for my customers.

They know what they will get from you beyond just a product or a service. Don’t just sell stuff, make a brand promise. “Do business with me and you get more than you buy, you get _________,”

3. My brand has a personality.

Just like people, businesses should have personalities; bold, funny, conversational, engaging, intellectual. What’s your brand personality?

4. I have a tagline that communicates my brand promise in a memorable way.

Taglines serve two purposes. First, they communicate your brand promise in a concise, “sticky” way that makes people pay attention. Second, they serve as a reminder; your compass so that you never stray from branding true north.

5. I have a logo that is technically correct.

Your logo doesn’t have to win design awards to be effective. It just has to be simple, with a unique font and no more than two colors. Then use the same logo and color scheme on your website and all your marketing materials. Include your tagline.

6. My brand promise and personality fulfills my customer’s experience.

All the branding work you’ve done up to this checkpoint goes down the drain if your customer doesn’t experience what you promise.

7. I have defined new hiring criteria for all new employees.

Your employees must be compatible with your brand. Now that you have defined your promise and personality, hire only those people that can deliver that promise with that personality. It might also be time to evaluate current employees to see who doesn’t fit any more.

8. I have implemented training for new and existing employees.

Your employees deliver the brand every day. You are probably asking them to deliver an experience they themselves have never received. Don’t just communicate your brand promise and personality. Train your employees with situational questions that cause them to think things through.

9. I am my brand.

You can’t just ask my employees to be the brand, you have be your brand every day. As the business owner, you are the living brand. Hold yourself to a higher standard than your employees.