Why your logo is worth it.

6March, 2013



Justin Sutton

Every business has to be fiscally responsible and especially in this economy finding ways to reduce expenses is critical.

Many small start ups take the DIYers path: create your own brochure, design your own website, write your own ad, make your own business cards and design your own logo.

As a company that provides all these services, we see concerns in all these areas. But at the same time, we know that the readily available tools do make this possible. You can get a serviceable website, a passable brochure and an OK business card by doing it yourself. When business picks up and your capabilities improve you can invest in an improved presence.

But you can’t do this with your logo. As the heart of your corporate identity, your logo must have a permanence about it. A good part of your first few years will be spent networking and growing awareness and recognition of your company. Much of that connection will be made through the visual link of your logo.

A logo is not just your name in a different typestyle. Nor can you pick a nice photo out of a clip art library.

Your logo represents several things about your company.

    • Your product/s or services. But if you are diversified and offer more than one type of product it is harder to pin a logo on this.
    • Your principles and values such as strength, quality, watchfulness. Think of CBS’s camera lens as the eye on the world.
    • Your personality. Are you cool, hip, techy? Or mainstream, moderate, solid?
    • Are you telegraphing experience or new ideas?

Designer Milton Glaser, who created the iconic “I Love NY” logo discusses the four keys to a good logo in Inc. Magazine .

The consistent element is that it takes a collaboration between a designer and a business to create a great logo. and no matter how small your company, you still want a great logo. No matter how many times you change your website, your logo will still be a prominent visual. Your brochures will change, but your logo will still be on the front. A better quality business card will still carry your logo.

Make your dollars count by investing in a good designer and a good logo.